August 12, 2021
Peter Marzo

Having trouble identifying and closing on a great real estate property or simply looking to diversify your holdings?

Real estate investing today is more competitive than ever.  Whether identifying the right investment, competing in an overcrowded marketplace, securing adequate financing or fulfilling strict 1031 exchange deadlines, Marzo Capital Group has the solution.

In this article we are going to cover topics including:
·         Who is MCG?
·         What We Have to Offer
·         Benefits of Partnering

Who is Marzo Capital Group?
Marzo Capital Group is a leading alternative investment company with a focus on institutional quality real estate.  With over $1 billion in transactions and 100+ deals successfully closed; MCG proves to be an industry leader in the private real estate sector. 

What We Have to Offer
Through our strategic partnerships with over 50 leading sponsors, Exchange-X by MCG, is the leading alternative investment platform in the industry, offering investors access to view, identify and purchase available, turn-key, institutional-grade properties.  Our extensive selection of pre-vetted, pre-financed and pre-purchased real estate funds can ensure every 1031 exchange investor successfully complete an exchange.

20+ Years Industry Experience
 $1+ Billion in Transactions
100+ Completed Deals
Largest Off-Market Inventory
Best-in-Class Sponsor Partners
State-of-the-Art Investor Platform
Largest Clearing & Custodian Bank
1031 Exchange Eligible Properties
Dedicated Advisory Team
Extensive Due Diligence Process
Clean Professional Designations
 Quality Investor Experience
Many more...

Benefits of Partnering
Access to Institutional Grade Real Estate
In the past, institutional grade real estate was available only to large pension funds, endowments, insurance companies and public corporations.  These structured deals typically came with large minimum investments of $5 million and above, making it virtually impossible for retail investors to own a diversified portfolio of quality real estate holdings.  Through the Exchange-X platform, investors now have full access to a robust selection of investment grade properties managed by best-in-class asset managers though out the country.

Achieve Higher Potential Risk-Adjusted Returns (vs. public markets)
Historically private equity real estate has outperformed most other asset classes on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.  With the ability to recapitalize, restructure and redevelop privately owned real estate, asset managers have the flexibility to increase both cash flows and values of the underlying assets.

Investors now have the opportunity to fully diversify their portfolio by acquiring beneficial interests of investment grade properties throughout various geographical locations, asset classes, property types & tenant profiles. 

Higher Stability, Lower Volatility
Private real estate being non-correlated to public markets can offer added layers of stability and lower overall volatility within a well-diversified portfolio. 

Tax Optimization
Private real estate offers several tax benefits including annual depreciation and mortgage interest write offs, as well as the ability to utilize a 721 or 1031 Exchange to defer capital gain taxes.  Private real estate can also be held within qualified self-directed IRA and 401K retirement accounts further limiting tax liabilities.

No Landlord Responsibilities
Real estate by nature is an active investment that requires a lot of time, energy and patience.  Purchasing a fund that is actively managed by best-in-class operators, investors can enjoy the many benefits of owning real estate passively without ongoing management responsibilities.  

Seasoned operators can analyze market trends, work with local zoning & building boards, organize contractors for rehab/development, conduct inspections, align financing & closing, lease space, and much more.

This makes owning beneficial interests within a fund or Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) a great estate planning tool as well. 

No Competition
Offerings listed on the Exchange-X platform alleviate the burden of competing with other buyers to acquire investment properties. The properties are ready to be identified and closing can begin immediately.

Quick Close with No Risk
The Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) owns the properties prior to investors purchasing beneficial interests within the DST. Investors can typically close within 2-3 business days.

Hassle-free 45-Day Identification Period
Investors can create a backup plan for their 1031 exchange by listing a DST as an identified candidate replacement property that can be acquired in the event other identified property transactions fail.

Asset & Liability Protection
A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) offers limited liability to an investor’s personal assets through the bankruptcy-remote provision within the trust.  This means, in the event the trust fails, the most investors are at risk to lose is their investment in the trust.  Any potential creditors or lenders would be limited by provisions in the trust from reaching the assets of the Limited Partners.  Therefore, no LLC entity is necessary to hold a DST investment.

Transparent Online Property Documentation
The Exchange-X platform provides investors full access to Offering Memorandums, Private Placement Memorandums, Subscription Documents, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Surveys, Titles, Financial Summaries, Rent Rolls, and more.

Simple Tax Reporting
Investors receive year-end operating statements denoting their pro-rata shares of operating expenses and rental income along with a form 1099 stating the amount of total income.  Your accountant will then use that reported income on Schedule E of your return along with any other proceeds from commercial properties in your investment portfolio.

For 1031 exchanges, the basis from your relinquished property carries forward into your new investment.  If you have fully depreciated the relinquished asset, that’s the basis for your new assets.

Dedicated Advisory Team
Marzo Capital Group’s team of dedicated licensed advisors offer ongoing support and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding alternative investments.   


We hope this article gave you a good overview of who we and how we can be a resource for your next upcoming real estate venture.

If you are considering a 1031 exchange for your property or have additional questions about the process, don’t go it alone. Our experts at Marzo Capital Group have helped countless investors navigate the 1031 exchange process successfully and smoothly, and we would love to assist you as well.  

To continue learning about whether a 1031 exchange is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our experts today or, to learn more about real estate investing and how a 1031 can complement your portfolio, visit the Marzo Capital Group Learning Center.

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